Merle Haverkamp - 

deine Begleiterin aus der Krise! 

Life crisis? Psychological problems? Not getting anywhere?
- Are you struggling with something that is weighing you down and you can't get on alone?
- Are you afraid or worried that you will never be completely healthy, stable and happy (again) - but you still have the desire to make it?
- Do you finally want professional help and not just advice from friends and hotline services?
- You don't want to wait for a place in therapy, nor do you want to spend years in treatment with moderate success?

I CAN UNDERSTAND THAT! And you know what? I'm sure it doesn't have to be like this!

Welcome with all your doubts, questions, fears and history - I'm here to help you like many others before you who have been in the same place. You too can get out of your crisis!

At every stage of our lives, we can face challenges that require inner growth. In addition to concrete action steps for first aid, working with inner wisdom and superconsciousness makes it possible to recognise and work on self-sabotaging beliefs and blocking behavioural patterns. You also have the opportunity to release negative life experiences and traumas in a gentle, often painless way using the MAP method - a process that literally reprogrammes the brain to remove painful memories. It's a method developed by experienced therapists that stands up to current neuroscientific scrutiny (even if it sometimes sounds almost like a miracle promise...).  The bonus? You don't even have to talk about the details of your problem or experience, unlike in traditional (trauma) therapy.  And unlike hypnosis, you are fully aware of the process. In addition to MAP coaching, I can also help you with all the other techniques I have learnt to help you achieve both very personal and professional goals.
Get in touch with me now and we can arrange a free 15-minute consultation.  This will make it easy for you to find out whether my guidance is just right for you.